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We’re thinking that the 1963 Allied Seawind might just be the sailboat for us. Just to be sure, we’re having the boat surveyed and hauled out of the water to get a look at the underside of a 51 year old sailboat! Figure out where and how we will have it hauled out onto dry dock so we can get to work refitting in preparation for sailing around the world. Also meet Scott, previous boat owner whose dream to fix up the Sea Wolf was untimely cut short. We’re honored to pick up where he left off.

Location: Sarasota, Florida
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  • Paul Edwards

    would like to know how your project is going? I have a project boat as well, and maybe i can give you some help if you still in the “repair” stage.

    • Atticus

      Howdy! We’re trucking away on our refit! We finished re-coaring the deck, applying a new paint job and nonskid system, redoing our companion way and hatch and restoring all of the wood on the boat, and finally this week we’re bending teak to construct a new rub rail! Our next projects are rigging and sails, and some interior sewing projects. We hope to set sail in November! Can’t wait to get out there, but we’re thoroughly enjoying the end of our boatyard period as the projects get less and less nasty :). What kind of boat do you have and where are you located?

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