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Who We Are

​We’re two hard-working people who share a goal of sailing around the world on a budget. We also LOVE making videos! We live on Atticus, our 1963 Allied Seawind 30, which we bought for $5,000 and spent 3 years refitting.

How we met

Jordan and I met while crewing on a superyacht in 2012.Through our adventures together, we quickly realized that we shared a dream of traveling around the world while we were still young. “Yachting”, to both of us, was a way to save up enough money for one big around-the-world trip.

Why We Quit Our Jobs to Sail Around the World 

One night in Mallorca, Spain Jordan popped the question.

Will you come with me?” He asked. He had been slowly

introducing me to the idea of sailing around the world in a

small sailboat.

How long will it take you to fix up a sailboat and get it

ready for an around-the-world trip?” I asked?

No more than three months.” He responded.

How much will it cost?” I continued.

I’ve saved up enough. I can buy it. We can fix it up together.

And then we’ll explore the world.”

Of course, the conversation wasn’t that simple, but you get

the idea. So, we put in our notice, flew back to the

United States, and Jordan began looking for a sailboat.


Read our Cruising World story, From Riches to Rags, here. 

The Refit

What followed was three years of refitting Atticus, our 1963 Allied Seawind, which we bought in Key West, Florida for $5,000. We were humbled when we realized we had no clue how to refit a sailboat, and when our bank accounts crashed below zero multiple times throughout the refit. Check out our Atticus Updates to watch us struggle through project after project!

How We Made Money to Sponsor Our Refit

Luckily, through each failure, we unknowingly started to acquire the skills necessary to restore Atticus to a seaworthy state. We also found ways to stay financially afloat; Desiree flew around the world to a handful of freelance stewardessing gigs, we both landed jobs working on charter boats in Key West as Captain and Mate, and both of us started doing freelance boat maintenance work on the side. Desiree, in particular, found her niche in sewing (thank you Sailrite!).

The rest is history!

You can follow the rest of our story on Youtube!


Recently we sold Atticus I and upgraded to our dream sailboat, Atticus II. Atticus II is a 1997 Pacific Seacraft 40. We're currently outfitting Atticus II so that we can head back to the Caribbean and pick up where we left off! 

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